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Some Famous NFT Artists

There are many NFT (Non-Fungible Token) artists that have now become famous around the world based on both the prices paid for their art, and the number of digital artworks they have sold. A prime example of such an NFT artist is Pak (formerly known as Murat Pak), who according to CryptoArt has sold 66,455 artworks valued at $322,087,975.56. Pak’s work is depicted in a range of intriguing and visually stunning graphic videos, and it includes artworks such as ‘Rubik’s Lure’ and ‘Metarift’.

Rubik’s Lure, Pak


You can view this on ‘OpenSeahere.

Metarift, Pak


You can view this on ‘MakersPlacehere.

Beeple is another prime example of such an NFT artist, and CryptoArt notes that this artist has sold a total of 1,353 artworks valued at $173,035,325.77. Some of Beeple’s NFT artworks have become hugely famous because of the astronomical price paid, such as ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ ($69,346,250.00) and ‘Crossroad’ ($6,600,000.00). Beeple’s artworks are often quite graphic, eye-opening, and thought-provoking, such as ‘I miss people’ and ‘Humans’.

I miss people, Beeple


You can view this on ‘NiftyGatewayhere.,w_1200,c_limit/v1607362217/beeple2/BEEPLE_2020COLLECTION_HUMANS_rz1pnm.mp4

Humans, Beeple


You can view this on ‘NiftyGatewayhere.

Tyler Hobbs is a visual artist whose artwork is said to focus on ‘computational aesthetics’, which involves creating custom algorithms that generate visual imagery. According to CryptoArt, this artist has sold a total of 1,017 artworks valued at $61,671,857.01. Two of this artist’s more famous NFT artworks are ‘Fidenza’ (a collection of 999 NFTs minted) and ‘Incomplete Control’ (a collection of 100 NFTs minted).

Incomplete Control #84, Tyler Hobbs


You can view this on ‘OpenSeahere.,w_1200,c_limit/v1607362217/beeple2/BEEPLE_2020COLLECTION_HUMANS_rz1pnm.mp4

Fidenza #799, Tyler Hobbs


You can view this on ‘OpenSeahere.

Three more famous NFT artists that have quite different yet distinctive art styles are the Canadian artist Dmitri Cherniak, Mad Dog Jones an artist from Ontario, and Hackatao, an artist duo from Milan (Nadia Squarci and Sergio Scarlet). CryptoArt notes that Dmitri Cherniak has sold 912 artworks valued at $53,378,231.07. Mad Dog Jones has sold 1,610 artworks valued at $19,227,716.56 (CryptoArt), and Hackatao has sold 9,202 artworks valued at $30,799,151.31 (CryptoArt).

A slight lack of symmetry can cause so much pain, Dmitri Cherniak


You can view this on ‘SuperRarehere.

Dmitri Cherniak’s works are bold and colourful and often feature geometric designs created via specially programmed algorithms. The geometric and linear visual style employed by this artist is very different to that used by Mad Dog Jones, who uses very bold and colourful imagery in a graphic design cartoon-like style. These artworks include NFTs such as ‘Replicator’, ‘Boardwalk’, ‘A Bag of Oranges’, and ‘Visor’.

Visor, Mad Dog Jones


You can view this on ‘Sotheby’shere.

Finally, Hackatao’s artworks blend together visually stunning graphics, with pop art, pop culture, and modern cultural references. These can be seen in artworks such as ‘Yammer’, ‘Warhol thinks Pop3’, and ‘Queen of Pop #24/59’ (a collection of 59 NFTs minted), the last of which references Andy Warhol’s 1962 artwork ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ in a modern and kitsch way. Together, these examples of modern artworks highlight just how creative and visually stunning new digital artworks by famous NFT artists are.

Queen of Pop #24/59, Hackatao


You can view this on ‘Nifty Gatewayhere.



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